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A conversation between a disembodied hand & foot.

ISBN 978-1-8382792-0-2



A collection of writing, drawing and found images, relating to fences, hands, feet, mdf letters, cladding, reading, lymbic parataxis and meat. Trying to point at meaning just as it points back and turns into a sculpture.

The publication was produced to coincide with the exhibition Born of Lexical Bort, presented at TACO! in October 2020.

 Perfect bound, soft-back, 414pp, 234x167mm.

Language is a problem for...



A limited edition book-sculpture.

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition A length of spit dangled from a mouth at Matts Gallery in July 2019.

Perfect bound, 300gsm silk gloss laminated cover, uncoated 80gsm paper, 900pp, 234x156 mm.


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