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the unreliable object

Like plants on land, phytoplankton use chlorophyll and other light-harvesting pigments to carry out photosynthesis. Where phytoplankton grow depends on available sunlight, temperature, and nutrient levels. Because cold waters tend to have more nutrients than warm waters, phytoplankton tend to be more plentiful where waters ware cold. Slide the rails so they are aligned and reveal the object, try to describe it accurately remembering it could resemble a hybrid of up to three different objects conjoined without seam or join. Light harvesting occurs right on the surfaces of buildings clad in glass and often mirrored. The object was never in the lobby, it was a mirage.

Plant in warm nutrient rich soil which receives maximum sun, dig down just a bit and insert the micro-servo, regular pitch, neutral, recover. Asses the damage and act accordingly, allowing the root to repair around the point of insertion, from this point the servo will need to be calibrated with local weather conditions and linked to a continuous feed weather report, this will need to be checked for malfunction regularly. Grow under glass. Place the glass around the object. Allow it to merge but not too much.

Not clear if anything had been communicated, the stent had been inserted into the language and expanded but it still remained largely invisible to the layman. The feeling is that the words were never reliable, the objects had a chance but that is slowly narrowing like an abused aorta.

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